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Welcome to Spotsylvania County!

Thank you for selecting Spotsylvania County as your business location. The continued success of your business is very important to us. Please consider the Department of Economic Development & Tourism a resource for your company. To better serve you we have prepared the following list of helpful information:

Doing Business in the State of Virginia

Virginia's Business One Stop system is a service provided by the Virginia Department of Business Assistance. The purpose of the service is to accelerate business formation in the Commonwealth and thereby contribute to our economic prosperity. This service provides specific licensing, permitting and registration requirements for the user's business situation and assists with partial completion of the necessary forms. Click here to go to the Virginia One Stop website.

Filing for Sales Tax & Personal Property Taxes

All new businesses are required by the Virginia Department of Taxation to complete registration forms with the locality code where it is located. New businesses in Spotsylvania County may actually have a Fredericksburg zip code. Under Virginia law, all municipalities incorporated as cities are independent of any county, therefore, the City of Fredericksburg is a separate entity from Spotsylvania County.

If your company has any one of the following physical address zip codes, your business IS located in Spotsylvania County:

22407- Fredericksburg 22546- Ruther Glen* 22960- Orange*
22408- Fredericksburg 22551- Spotsylvania 23015- Beaverdam*
22508- Locust Grove* 22553- Spotsylvania 23024- Bumpass*
22534- Partlow 22580- Woodford* 23117- Mineral*
*There are some properties that are located within Spotsylvania County that have zip codes that are also located in other Counties, please contact the Real Estate department at 540-507-7053 to verify your location. Thank you.*

County Contact Names

Department Department Head
Building Department Lewis Watts
Commissioner of the Revenue
-Business License
-Personal Property
-Real Estate
-State Income
Deborah F. Williams
County Administration Mark Taylor
Economic Development Tom Rumora
Environmental Engineering & Zoning Troy Tignor
Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management Montey Willaford
Planning Department Wanda Parrish
Treasurer Larry K. Pritchett
Utilities Edward Petrovitch

County Contact Telephone Numbers

Assessment 507-7777
Building Office 507-7222
Business License 507-7051
Circuit Court 507-7600
Code Compliance 507-7222
Commissioner of the Revenue 507-7051
County Administration 507-7010
Economic Development 507-7210
Environmental Engineering 507-7222
Fire, Rescue & Emergency Mgmt 507-7900
Planning Department 507-7434
Real Estate 507-7053
Treasurer’s Office 507-7058
Utilities/ Utility Billing 507-7300
Zoning Office 507-7222
*All telephone numbers have a 540 area code

Voting Districts & Representatives

Spotsylvania County is governed by a seven-member Board of Supervisors.  They are elected from each of the seven districts in the county.  All seven members serve staggered terms of four years. The Board of Supervisors sets County policies, adopts ordinances, appropriates funds, approves land rezoning and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance, and carries out other responsibilities set forth by the County code.

Click here to find your Board of Supervisors representative and to view a map of their voting districts. For more information on voting districts, please visit the Voter Registration website or contact them at 540-507-7380.

Business and Building Applications & Forms

Commissioner of the Revenue
Business License Applications, Contractor's Certifications, Meals Tax Forms,
Trade Name Registration Form, Utility Tax Forms, Vehicle Change Forms, Land Use Applications, IRS Forms & Publications and much more.

Code Compliance
Commercial and Residential Building applications, checklists and forms

Fee Schedules

On-line Services provided by Spotsylvania County

Ribbon Cuttings & Grand Openings

Please contact our office with any questions that you may have about your ribbon cutting and/or grand opening as well as to obtain a list of County officials and dignitaries.