8/31/2017 - Live escape games coming to Spotsylvania Towne Centre

Rush Hour Live Escape Games is on track to open at The Village at Spotsylvania Towne Centre by the end of October.

Owner Paul Wood picked up the keys to the new space on Wednesday.

A live escape game puts a group of people into a room where they must complete a mission within a certain time. For example, participants may be placed in a scenario where they need to work together to defuse a bomb and escape the room within 60 minutes.

Wood’s plan is to make the space look like a 1930s/40s art deco-style movie theater. Some of the themes for the rooms include “Tomb of the Red Queen,” “Murder at Mardi Gras,” and “Blackbeard’s Brig.”

He is working with a company based in Winnipeg, Canada, to design the escape rooms. Initially, the space will include four or five rooms, but the plan is to eventually grow to seven.

Wood hopes to open the facility by Halloween.

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